Vessel Husbandry

We are a leading and trusted husbandry provider in the Asia Pacific region - from small vessels to large aircraft carriers, we can support any vessel in any port in the world.

We can take care of everything from provisioning and waste management to land transportation and port services.

Toll has current contracts with the Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy, and we have provided support to the navies of India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and France when they are in ports away from home.

When working with your vessels, we provide:

  • a full and transparent service
  • reliability and flexibility
  • value for money
  • safety and quality
  • program management excellence

About our ship husbandry services

The range of marine husbanding services we can provide are extensive and can include:

  • provision of pilots
  • brows / fenders
  • fresh water supply
  • fuel and lubricants
  • waste and sewerage removal
  • security services
  • communications services
  • transportation services including ship-to-shore transfers
  • foreign exchange services
  • quarantine services

We also offer port services and ship-handling services including the provision of pilots and tugs, the organisation of port clearances and berths, cargo handling and customs clearance.

Contact us about your vessel husbandry and port service needs - we’ll provide you with a complete solution.

Where we operate

We can support defence vessels with husbanding and port services in any port in the world.